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“I have attended two of Jose’s workshops and can’t say enough good about them.  Jose presents concrete actionable communication tools that are immediately beneficial.  His step by step approach, including working through real world examples, is extremely effective.  His teaching is biblically based and aligns well with our Faith.  After attending one of his workshops, I put the tools to use and have begun to see positive benefits in my ability to communicate, both within my family and with those I meet throughout the day.  I strongly recommend his workshops to anyone who wants to learn new tools for evangelization and overall communications.  In Jesus through Mary and Joseph."


-David S. Worthy Past Grand Knight, Council 5272


"I was pleasantly surprise in his clarity and in a sense simplicity of how to evangelize. One does not need to be a theologian in order to be an effective evangelist."

- Paul J. Worthy Past District Deputy & Worthy Past Grand Knight, Council 5272

"I thought it was very good and very relevant to the council. It motivated us to continue further to evangelize others. That's why we want him back."

- Jose E. Worthy Grand Knight, Council 15016

"It was a beautiful experience, seeing these kids learn more about their faith and expressing their faith. It was a beautiful sight to see them feel safe and loved."

- Melissa R. (Confirmation Coordinator)

"I've really taken your [Jose's] advice to heart - [...] has been truly fruitful for our ministry."

- Angela W. (Co-Director of Religious Education)


"Jose was very lovely to work with. He has an infectious energy that makes him easy to coordinate with and interesting to listen to. He was very hands-on in the planning process and was flexible to work with what we had in mind for our event."

- Taylor Z. (Young adult leader)

"This workshop will simplify evangelization and communication, so that all your parishioners will feel comfortable discussing their faith with the world. Jose is a joy to work with and his passion for spreading the Word of God is present in every interaction with him."

- Bryleigh B. (Young adult leader)

“The presentation well exceeded expectations. Jose got a crowd [size of 100+] that is usually lukewarm to participate and be involved. Got someone who never participates to say that it’s easy to communicate the faith. I felt the Holy Spirit in the room. People saw a practical way to engage that isn’t hard. Anyone can do this, and it has an impact [...] He bridged that gap with Catholics who have seen it all.
-Tami W. Volunteer Catechist

"I was praying right before how to broach the faith with my brother. This program is the way to do it this Thanksgiving."

- Matt D. (Attendee)

“This [program] is very pertinent to a situation I have at work.”

- Mariela V. (Attendee)

"Good - this material is helping me understand what we can do to bring back our campus ministry."

- Patricia N. (Attendee)

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