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Communication & Leadership Certificate

Effective parish communication & leadership are essential components to inspire our community to encounter Jesus and be disciples. In particular, communication should encourage empathy, trust, understanding, and engagement for those seeking the Church, whether for non, new, or lifelong Catholics. This certificate program will help you communicate and lead based on Biblical principles in a manner that encourages a general air of coming together for the Lord.


The intuition driving this curriculum is to start with communication fundamentals moving all the way to parish-wide communication. This is important as we will be setting a firm foundation.


Progression of Curriculum:


  • Section 1 - Personal:

    • Purpose - Accurate, clear, and inspirational communication starts internally 

    • Content - Introspection, discernment of action, expression, & prayer

    • Impact - You will be able to have clarity regarding what you would like to express and how to follow through with actions

  • Section 2 - Team:

    • Purpose - Following self-understanding, understanding what a team believes and how it serves is essential to later execute parish-wide communications for teams

    • Content - Listening, expression, & discernment regarding cooperation

    • Impact - You will be able to have clarity regarding how to communicate with teammates, how to follow up, and lead to  action

  • Section 3 - Ministry Leaders-Wide:

    • Purpose - Following understanding her team, you will be better able to understand the various ministries 

    • Content - Cross-functional listening, survey creation, cross-functional expression, vision creation, & discernment of communication media/execution

    • Impact - You will be able to effectively communicate across teams in a manner that results in a greater understanding of the mission and how to support their needs 

  • Section 4 - Parish-wide:

    • Purpose - Following improving your skills to communicate across teams, you will be well prepared to execute your organization's communication goals at an effective level

    • Content - Application of listening, expression to media, discernment for parish-wide  communication - various audiences

    • Impact - You will be able to more effectively share the vision and execute the goals of the parish in terms of communication at a Pastoral/Leadership Team level


Program Details:

  • Coaching is delivered via 25 individualized 1-hour sessions. These are delivered twice per week over 13 weeks. 

  • Cost is $2,500, paid upfront or in 4 installments of $625 at the start of each section. This covers coaching, workbooks, and content personalization. 

  • Coaching can be in-person or virtual, whichever is most convenient for the participant.

  • Coaching delivery is personalized according to the strengths of the participant. 

  • The Certificate in Pastoral Communication & Leadership is granted with the completion of the program to highlight the new communication and leadership skills you have acquired and the various settings where you will be able to serve the Lord with these skills.

  • This program is tailored for employer needs - perfect for a continuing education benefit!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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