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Evangelization, Catechesis, and Communication Coaching

Creating Emotional And Purpose-Level Connection To The Catholic Faith


"Jose helped me slow down and think carefully about how to share the faith in a manner that I would love and others would love to receive."

- Kenneth Hensley (Director of Pastoral Care for Coming Home Network & Frequent Guest Host at Relevant Radio)

Fallen away family member? Disengaged parents in Catechesis? Feel powerless and suffocated at work or at home? We can find a path of hope and faith together

How can we love others through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ?

Talks can help empower a large audience to consider new ways to evangelize or engage those God has called us to love

Workshops can help equip those who want to evangelize even in the hardest of relationships, while also creating emotional and spiritual intimacy 

Leadership Sessions will empower leadership committee members (of paid staff or volunteers) to create engagement and support at a heart-level

Bible Studies with a small group can help us get deep into the details of amazing Biblical people, such as Our Lady & Saint Joseph, to see new ways to share the Lord in our day-to-day lives


1:1 Coaching Sessions allow focused care and attention, as well as to hash through the details of a particular situation, to enable a path forward

Let's see how we can work together!

Let's meet and connect! 

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