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John 3:30

"He must increase..."

All presentations and group meetings follow the John 3:30 model where we focus on client need & Christ centered solutions - The goal is for the audience to learn the material and be able to use it in their day-to-day 

Step 1 - We will discuss general points regarding your parish, organization, or non-profit and come together on the main opportunity or challenge you want addressed

Step 2 - Jose will create a draft presentation based on the conversation

Step 3 - We will review the draft presentation together to ensure it matches your need

Step 4 - Jose will make polishing changes so that we are showtime ready

Step 5 - We will carry-out the event or session - All services draw out the participants' need front and center, resulting in an emotional connection to the material

Coaching also follows the John 3:30 model in this 1:1 setting - The goal is that the client can grow in these skills and evangelize effectively 

Step 1 - We will have a preliminary conversation to learn about the situation and see  whether we can work together

Step 2 - Jose will share a syllabus of communication skills, frame works, and other items we can work on together

Step 3 - We will schedule our first session, work through techniques, and fine tune approaches

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